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From meticulous cover design, detailed book design, and efficient typesetting, we cater to every aspect of book creation. Our offerings extend to both traditional and eBook formats, ensuring your work shines in any medium.

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Trusted by major corporations and institutions, BookMaster offers high-quality books and booklets created by our expert designers.
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Book & Booklet Design Services | Your Best Book Design Company

From books and brochures to detailed textbooks, booklet design service, cover design, book formatting,  education books, promotion booklets annual reports, Report Design, Publication Design, Textbook Design,Annual Report Design, Magazine Design, Catalog Design, Book Printing, Newsletter Design, Book Cover Design, Library Book Design, Publishing Design, Layout Design,  Teaching Materials Design and engaging eBooks design service, we’ve got you covered. We are providing high quality book freelancer designer as well.

Cost-Effective Book, Booklet, Brochure , Manual Design Service

Receive high-quality designs at prices 30% lower than market rates.
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Save 50% Of Time Using Our Project Management System

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Choose Style & Match with Best Designer

Choosing style from database, Our smart algorithm ensures the best designer match

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One-Stop Management

Easily overview all project records at a glance. Keep all information at your fingertips, anytime.

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Online Collaboration Tools

Work seamlessly with colleagues online. 50% Increase in Efficiency

How Does The Booklet Design/Annual Edition Design Creation Process Work?

We ensure the design meets your exact needs through the most efficient process:

First draft

Designer will provide a 4-page draft for style confirmation (within 2-4 days)

Approve style

Confirm or revise the design style


Designer will provide the full design for your review and will start revising as needed

Final design

Once approved, designer will send the final artwork

Super Academy
Ignite the SPARK
IET Annual General Meeting Booklet
MIM Forum Booklet
Antiseizure Medications for Children
Inspiring Girls Program Booklet
Information on POA (Oxfam)
Int Prv Banking
Swiss Chamber
Musical Booklet
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Why Choose Us

Choose us for the value we bring. We not only provide professional design but also achieve your needs with excellent quality printing and thoughtful end-to-end services. Embracing a customer-centric approach, our dedicated team wholeheartedly listens to your needs and provides personalized solutions. From the birth of creativity to the final print, we are committed to ensuring each step reflects our commitment to excellent quality and customer satisfaction. Choosing us means selecting a distinctive design and printing partner to give your brand and story a unique expression

Excellence in Professional Design

Our design team is passionate and possesses excellent professional skills, committed to transforming our clients' creativity into unforgettable visual masterpieces. Whether it's a unique style or eye-catching layout, we infuse each project with outstanding design professionalism, adding a unique taste and quality to it

Quality Booklet Printing Assurance

We promise to deliver the highest level of printing quality, aiming for perfection not only in visual satisfaction but also in touch and printing details. Utilizing state-of-the-art printing technology and premium materials, we ensure that every printed piece fully reflects the quality standards our customers expect

End-to-End Caring Service

We offer end-to-end services, from concept design to printing delivery, so clients don't have to worry about the intricate process. Our professional team provides full assistance throughout, ensuring that every detail is carefully taken care of to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction

With a Customer-Centric Approach

Customer satisfaction is our utmost pursuit. We prioritize customers and adopt a 'customer-centric' approach. We not only carefully listen to customer needs but also proactively provide solutions, ensuring that each project perfectly reflects the unique values of our customers. We deeply understand that the success of our customers is our success, so we are committed to exceeding expectations and providing an excellent service experience

100% design company recommended by real customers ★

“The designer is very patient and the design is very satisfying!”

Professor. Lai

CUHK, Business School

Thank you for your close reply, very professional and patient service attitude👍🏻, this is what every client expects most. I have the opportunity to cooperate again🤜🏻🤛🏻, and I will also recommend you to other customers!

Project Manager

Y-Lot Foundation

Very cost-effective! Very systematic processing, very smooth. Nice!


CEO, KIDI Education

Choose a professional, efficient and affordable book and magazine design experience.

From simple brochures to complex book designs, whatever your needs, BookMaster can provide you with the highest quality design and printing services. Contact us now to get started!

Specializes in Booklet Design and Printing

BookMaster is your trusted expert in book and magazine design and printing. We specialize in providing outstanding quality and personalized publication services, such as booklet design, book and magazine design, and printing in Hong Kong. Our team can tailor unique design solutions to meet your specific requirements, utilizing advanced printing technologies to ensure excellent finished product quality. Whether you need exquisite books, magazines, or other publications, BookMaster is here to provide excellent service

Customized Publication Design and Printing Without Templates

Rich Experience

As a booklet company in Hong Kong, BookMaster has accumulated extensive practical experience in the industry. This not only solidifies our position in the professional field but also hones our sensitivity to the constantly changing market. These valuable experiences enable us to better understand customer needs and provide solutions that are more tailored and innovative.


Our proud design team is composed of passionate and creative designers. They not only possess excellent book and magazine design skills but also have deep-rooted experience in the field of book and magazine printing, accumulating rich practical experience over the years. Our team, with customer needs at its core, is dedicated to each project’s perfect presentation with a creative and professional attitude.

Quality Assurance

Being a professional design and printing company, we rigorously control every step of the production process, from publication design to book and magazine printing, to ensure the final product meets the highest quality standards. We employ advanced technology and high-quality materials, combined with professional skills, to provide customers with excellent printing quality and visual appeal.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our masterpieces are not just the result of design and printing; they are a reflection of our passion for the industry and our response to customer needs. These outstanding works impress not only visually but also gain widespread acclaim for their profound content and high-level quality. We firmly believe that each piece is a testament to success and the best representation of our relentless pursuit of excellence.

Choose a Pofessional, Efficient, and Affordable Book and Magazine Design Experience

Booklet Design / Publication Design / Book and Magazine Printing
Our professionalism is not just a commitment

Patient Graphic Designer

Passion drives our team, infusing this enthusiasm into every design project, dedicated to transforming your unique creativity into compelling and memorable booklet designs. This passion not only propels us to pursue excellence but also empowers us to challenge conventions, injecting fresh vitality into each project

Rich Experience

Accumulating rich professional design skills and years of practical experience in the field of book and magazine printing has made us adept at handling various challenges with ease. This experience not only enables us to address diverse design needs quickly and effectively but also allows us to better understand market trends, fostering the creation of more forward-thinking design solutions

Exemplary Professional Knowledge

BookMaster is renowned for its outstanding professional knowledge. Our team possesses extensive industry experience, ensuring the creation of impactful physical reading materials for you. We understand that it’s not just about design but also about skillfully combining content, style, and printing technology to present the most impressive results

Customized Design Solutions

BookMaster is renowned for providing customized book and magazine design solutions, recognizing that each client has unique needs and goals. Therefore, we work closely with our clients, thoroughly understanding their requirements, and tailor design solutions based on their brand style and target audience. This personalized service ensures that every design perfectly reflects the client’s characteristics and values


Your Preferred Hong Kong Booklet and Magazine Company - BookMaster

Professional Design

We pay attention to details, carefully considering every step from color selection to layout design to ensure your design is unique and eye-catching. We firmly believe that good design can convey brand values and attract the target audience

High-Quality Printing

Our pride lies in high-quality printing services that can bring outstanding visual effects to your works. From traditional offset printing to digital printing, we offer a variety of options to meet your diverse printing needs

End-to-End Services

From initial design to final printing, we offer end-to-end services, eliminating the need for you to shuttle between different suppliers. We will ensure that each stage meets your expectations and fulfills your needs


Our professional team will go the extra mile, attentively listening to your needs and understanding your expectations. Whether it's in product selection, problem-solving, or providing advice, we ensure you receive personalized and considerate service

Design Category

Great marketing starts with design. Design is the foundation of marketing, as good design captures attention, sparks consumer interest, and builds emotional connections. A unique, recognizable brand logo and visual style can stand out in the market competition, leaving an impression on consumers and making them remember the brand


Large Corporation


Education Sector





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Let's work together to create astonishing publications!

From simple booklets to intricate book designs, regardless of your needs, BookMaster can provide you with the highest quality design and printing services. We look forward to collaborating with you to create stunning publications that leave a lasting impression of your brand in the market. Contact us now to start your journey of creating exceptional publications!

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